Sunday, May 11, 2014

Where to Find Me... Part 2

Those of you who check into my blog once in a while might have seen my last post in which I linked to my library blog where currently most of my blogging is happening. Recently, I however also had the opportunity to share a post on two other websites. Both of these websites mean a lot to me and I am therefore thrilled that I was able to contribute a small piece of writing to each.

1. Kirby's Lane: A Place for Readers and Writers: From the Office of the Future of Reading
"The Joys of Sharing (Recommending) Books"

Kirby Larson is an amazing children's and young adult author (I love Hattie Big Sky and Hattie Ever After), who promotes reading and writing in so many ways. On her blog, Kirby's Lane, she invites librarians, teachers and other authors to share how they help to instil a love for reading and/or writing in young people. There are so many wonderful ideas to discover - I hope you will check it out.

2. Golden Baobab Literary Award - Resources:
"Stories That African Children Will Love"

While still living in Ghana, I got involved with this wonderful organisation that aims at promoting the writing of African children's literature. I have been a reader and a judge for the award program in the past and was thrilled (but at first also worried) when I got invited to write a post to share on their newly set up resource page. The organisation not only encourages African writers through their annual award but also provides support and guidance through workshops and the mentioned resource page.

I hope you will check out both articles and spend some time exploring the websites if you aren't familiar with them yet.

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