Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Where to find me...

Those of you checking into this blog from time to time, must have been wondering what's happened to me. Another year in which my good intentions to blog more didn't materialise? Well, yes and no, depending at what blog you are looking. Once again I have neglected this personal blog badly. But the good news is, I have been blogging frequently on my library blog page, sharing all the exciting things happening in HKA's Primary Library. Since I only have a page on the HKA Primary Specialists website, I unfortunately can't set up automatic updates, but decided that I might try to link to it from time to time, sharing the highlights.

Here some posts that have received much interest recently:

A memorable author visit by Ying Chang Compestine

Chatting with the talented author and illustrator Niki Daly

A Skype session with author Grace Lin

Another Skype session with the amazing Kate DiCamillo

A visit by the lovely Ellen Leou, author of Lulu, the Hong Kong Cat

And a special highlight from our Literacy Week, The Continuous Reading Chair

I hope you stop by the HKA Primary Library Blog, check out some of the exciting events and maybe even leave a comment with your thoughts and ideas :)

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