Thursday, December 29, 2011

How do you keep up?

I love using the Internet to connect with a wider PLN and share my learning. I am a big fan of blogs, wikis, Diigo, only2clicks and other Web 2.0 tools. Whenever I discover something new, I can spend hours exploring, experimenting and creating. But it seems I am never able to keep up with it, especially posting on my blog and reading other blogs regularly. While I constantly write blog posts and comments in my head, I usually don’t get to publish them. Lately, I have even fallen behind updating my Shelfari. So often it’s only during the holidays that I get to catch up a bit. I admire others who constantly post, comment, create and share: John Schu, Shannon Miller, Edna Sackson, and Dianne McKenzie, just to mention a few (and forgetting so many other great educators I should mention… my apologies).

Fortunately, there is Twitter, which allows me to stay connected and feel in touch with what is going on, no matter how busy I am. I catch up on tweets through my phone whenever I have a few minutes. With messages never longer than 140 characters that’s not a big deal. When I find something of interest, a resource or tool I want to explore further, I email it to myself (I don’t like reading longer articles on my phone, my eyes aren’t that great anymore…). On my computer I can easily bookmark it and share it with others who might not be on Twitter yet. I am also never behind in sharing on Twitter what I am reading or discovering. Writing 140 characters take just a moment - that is what makes Twitter so great.

Nevertheless, I hope to do a better job in blogging next year and would love to hear your advice. What helps you in posting regularly? Any tips and tricks you can share are appreciated.


  1. I fell into the trap of thinking I needed to be "just like them" - the SUPER BLOGGERS who seem to never sleep and always post! Then I realized that was their "thing", their passion and all I have to do is say, "Thankyou" and follow along. I try and blog a couple of times a week. Getting up early to do so helps. Or staying up late (more likely, night owl).

    With Twitter, i link to Instapaper - awesome. See a tweet with a link, want to read it but later, hit the button to the far right and "read later". It sends everything in a chronological feed to your Instapaper account that can be accessed anywhere. Love it. I am like a squirrel storing all the great stuff I see flying through my Twitter feed!

  2. Thanks for your ideas and advice Sonya. Sounds great. I am still not doing very well with the blogging - but once in a while I get a few thoughts out.